Wellness Set

Wellness Set


The postpartum wellness set contains:

  • A postpartum herbal bath to reduce swelling and to sooth aches and pains. With organic lavender, comfrey, marigold, yarrow and chamomile.

  • Sesame massage oil. A daily self-massage increases the Mothers oxytocin and can help her to manage stress and recover from childbirth.

  • Affirmation cards to set a mindful focus for the day and remind the Mother that she is enough.

  • Essential oil roller blend with lavender and wild orange doTERRA essential oils. The roller blend helps to balance the Mothers emotions and brings a sense of calmness and relaxation.

  • A visitor guide

  • A postpartum wellness guide with self-care reminders and words of support and encouragement

  • Set comes with a lovely Card for the new Mother

*If you would like to order from outside UK/Ireland please send me a quick email and I will quote delivery costs for you! Thank you :)

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This postpartum wellness set makes an amazing gift for a new Mother

These mindfully selected products support the healing of the Mothers body and mind after childbirth. All these products are encouraging the new Mother to practice self-care and give her reassurance and comfort when needed most.

“I attended Ria and Ellen's mother's day workshop. It was such a lovely afternoon. I've recently purchased one of her wellness kits as a present for a new mum and it is beautiful. Such lovely products and thoughtful words.”