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The 3 secrets to a gentle postpartum - FREE workshop for couples

This workshop is for you, if you

•are pregnant and you are worried that you don`t have enough support after birth.

•don`t know who is going to cook for you and your family, clean the house and take care of you while you recover from who knows how many hours of labor.

•are worried about sleep deprivation and you are just hoping the lack of sleep won`t come as big of a shock as everyone tells you.

 •just realised that you have been so fixated on the birth that you forgot all about the weeks and month afterwards.


Did you know that the majority of mothers feel overwhelmed, exhausted and anxious postpartum?  Researches have shown, that a lack of support is a contributing factor to postpartum depression. Feeling stressed, low on energy and at the edge of exhaustion will impact your ability to parent the way you desire.

Your experience doesn`t have to be this way!

Birth is only the beginning of your journey into Motherhood and I`m here to help you, so you can feel blissful and calm, knowing that you and your baby are taken care of. The wellbeing of your whole family – your partner, children & even pets depends on your vitality.


Here is what you will learn

•I`m going to present you with valuable information about postpartum insights and traditions.

•We will find out what you need to feel loved and cared for in your new role as a Mother

•I`m going to show you my 3 Secrets to a gentle postpartum and you will finish the session feeling inspired, knowing what your next steps into a gentle postpartum will look like.


“Gentle is the perfect word to describe Ria. And we need more Ria’s in Northern Ireland. She has developed a passion to help and support mothers in the postpartum period. She is warm welcoming and truly believes in what she is doing. Thank you for facilitating a lovely morning I felt at ease and met some lovely people and the food was delicious too. Personally speaking, you have made receiving postpartum care and support achievable and affordable as previously this was just a dream that I would never have “


I believe the best investment you can make to ensure the wellbeing of your baby is the investment in yourself. Becoming a Mother is a life changing transition and as a doula it is my passion to help you to find peace and joy during this precious time. 

I would love to hear from you,

Ria - gentle postpartum

Workshop takes place on the 28th of May from 7.15pm - 8.15pm  
Body Mind and Soul Centre, 101a Irish Green St, Limavady BT49 9AA

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