Welcome! You are here because you are wondering if a postpartum Doula can support you with the transition into motherhood.

Many traditional cultures value the importance of rest for 40 days after baby is born. Yes that`s right 40 days! It is understood that in the days, weeks and month after birth, a mother must heal as she is facing unique physical and emotional changes. Postpartum is an opportunity to rest and to bond and fall in love with your newborn.
— gentle postpartum

As a Postpartum doula I will support you to bond with your baby encouraging you to spend time together. I will facilitate you in gaining a deeper understanding of your baby`s personality and develop confidence in your unique parenting style.  I`m providing emotional support at every visit & I`m listening to you and your needs. It is my passion to guide you through Motherhood & support you with every decision you make for yourself and for your baby. I`m Nourishing you with homecooked food, specialised for your needs as a New Mother, to heal your body and recover from birth. I`m making sure you are well rested & feeling loved. I`m providing evidence-based information regarding basic baby care and breastfeeding. I will always make referrals where appropriate. As a Doula I`m perfectly positioned to understand the dynamics of relationship-shifts happening after a baby arrives, including your partner, siblings & extended family. I`m encouraging you to practice self-care & to ask for help. I will help you to build your village & connect with a welcoming community.

I´m Ria a Newborn Mothers trained Postpartum Doula, a childcare professional and also I´m a Chef with an interest in Ayurvedic nutrition, specialised for New Mothers. At the moment I`m attending a course to become a qualified Breastfeeding Educator with bebo.mia. As a Doula I`m supporting Mothers during their postpartum experience in Northern Ireland. For me becoming a Mother changed everything. I was lucky enough to experience a beautiful birth in a birth house led by private midwifes in Germany. Being home with our first baby after 3 hours made us realise very quickly how less thought we had given into the postpartum time beforehand. My Partner returned to work after 2 weeks, the support through my midwife and our family was wonderful but just not enough for me to find peace with the transition into motherhood. With our son being a high-need baby I quickly reached the point of exhaustion. I was under the impression that I was meant to do it all by myself wondered why I wasn`t enjoying those first weeks of Motherhood as much as everyone told me I should be. I knew there had to be a more gentle and nourishing way to experience motherhood and I strongly believe every new family deserves support and care through these magical postpartum weeks. I´m here to help you to make your postpartum experience a beautiful nourishing and loving time. 

Are you pregnant and feeling like you haven't given much thought into what happens when you get home with your baby? Are you worried about sleep deprivation and don't have a clue how breastfeeding works? Maybe you thought that as long as you are investing time and energy to prepare for birth everything will just come naturally once your baby is born?

I wish it was that easy Mama, but you are not just having a birth, you are having a baby.

OVERWHELMED, EXHAUSTED, LONELY, ANXIOUS… this is what the majority of new Mothers experience postpartum.

The good news is that I can help you to create the postpartum experience you are hoping for.

Imagine this...

You have the knowledge and tools to set yourself up with realistic expectations. You are nourished, rested and taken care of so you can pour all your energy into your newborn without worrying about anything else than learning to breastfeed and falling in love with baby. Your family and friends know exactly what kind of support you are looking for because you have asked for help and delegated tasks. Your partner understands what you are going through and is taking care of you and comforting you through all your emotional experiences.

How does this sound?

You deserve to feel loved! You deserve to feel seen! You deserve the postpartum experience you are dreaming of!

What are you waiting for?

I can help you to understand what those first weeks after having a baby as a newborn Mother can look like!